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Offering Affordable Automotive Parts in the Kawarthas

Whether you drive a domestic or foreign vehicle, we can get the parts you need. We offer quality recycled parts as well as new aftermarket. All parts are cleaned, tested and ready for installation. And they come with a standard 90-day warranty, or you can choose from our 1 year extended warranty.

Why Use Recycled Parts?

Not only will it save you money but auto recycling is the ultimate environmental choice. No other product on earth is recycled more than an automobile. Not only does it keep a flood of dangerous toxins from being released into our ground and water, it prevents unnecessary use of valuable landfill. And by reducing the need for new parts to be manufactured, you’ll be preserving scarce natural resources and cutting down on the resulting pollution.

By using Green Recycled Parts, you’ll be helping to sustain a modern global recycling industry that reclaims over 12 million vehicles across North America annually.

Recycling Car

Use the inventory search below to see if we have the part you need.

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